Mobility / Wheelchair Support

Great efforts had been made to ensure access in a wheelchair was possible (with the exception of the upper floor of the house.)  This was so in both the house and the grounds.  Some of these adaptations were a bit tricky for us to navigate in a companion pushed wheelchair because they were too steep.  But these were in the minority and we were pleased to be able to go pretty much wherever we chose to.  There were multiple seats and benches around the grounds which offered a chance to rest and absorb the magnificent views, and wonder about all the house and trees have witnessed over the years.

There was the occasional chair within the house on which to take a break, but I am sure staff would be swift to provide seating if requested.

Vision Impairment Support

Although the website says that a braille guide is available, staff had no knowledge of this.  Neither were there audio guides.  However, there were wonderfully knowledgeable and friendly guides available in each room.  There were also detailed room information sheets if a companion wished to read those out.  All of these information sheets were quite dense, small print. We felt that great care had been taken to ensure that the routes through the house were kept clear and uncluttered.  The gardens were wonderfully scented at the time we visited, and this, coupled with the glorious soundscapes, made for a very rich sensory experience.

Hearing Impairment Support

There wasn't anything specific offered. Neither were there any audiovisual presentations that we came across (although we didn't go upstairs.)

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