Mobility / Wheelchair Support

Trees in Orchard have been specifically designed to be as low down as possible (for wheelchair access). Trees have been shaped, so the orchard trees can be picked, and used by wheelchair people.

Protection for people from weather events, for people with disabilities, safe spaces etc.

Ramp for entry into building


Vision Impairment Support

There is a sign in front of the shop that states "There is a hazard of tripping"

Step into shop


Everything clearly labelled.


Hearing Impairment Support

Everything was said very clearly, and specifically.

No loud noises/background music.

All staff face you, and look at you, and respond to you clearly, and precisely



Autism support

Trained staff available.

Excellent staff/student ratio 78 staff, 90 students

Everything very detailed, and easily explained.

Ongoing support, and calendar of things to take part in which does not change.

Everyone in four groups, that work in their own "section"


Learning Support

Everything at Kehelland is clearly labelled, with accompanying pictures.


Staff are trained in helping people with learning support.

Plants on display. Everything clearly labelled, and easy to understand.

Everything is easily displayed, easily explained and on the same surface.



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