Three wheelchair friendly trails in Cornwall

If you’d like to enjoy some time outdoors exploring the Cornish countryside, here are a few ideas of trails that are accessible for wheelchairs. Please share your ideas with us too.


Loe Pool near Helston


Coronation Park, Helston to the Stables Cafe Loe Pool.


Where to park: Coronation Park car park, just beyond the boating lake towards Porthleven as you leave Helston

Distance: This is about a 1.5 miles (30 mins) each way. 


This beautiful walk starts at the boating lake in Helston, and takes you along a wide, well-surfaced trail that goes through woodland along the edge of the River Cober to Loe Pool, eventually ending up at The Stables Cafe by Loe Pool.


The best place to start the trail is where the tarmac path starts which can be accessed from the road bridge on the opposite side of the road from the boating lake (same side as the garage and large Penrose Amenity Area car park).

The river should be on your right if your back is to the road and the boating lake.

Follow the path along the main trail and you will pass through woodlands and Loe Marsh which edges the river as it flows towards Loe Pool.  Continue and you will eventually reach the Gatehouse and here you can enjoy beautiful views over Loe Pool. 

After about two miles you will reach the beautiful house and gardens of the Penrose Estate where you can enjoy a well-earned coffee and cake at the Stables Cafe. This has outdoor seating and is open for drinks, snacks and ice cream (including doggy ice cream). Call ahead on 01326 562353 to make sure it is open before your visit.

From here you can either head back to Helston Coronation Park with its Lakeside Cafe, boating lake and play area and skate park. Or you can follow the signs and continue on to Loe Bar (about two miles). The trail here is reasonable buggy friendly but it does get a bit rougher with a few steeper hills.

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Woods Cafe, Cardinham Woods, Bodmin Moor

The Lady Vale Walk, Cardinham Woods near Bodmin


Where to park: Cardinham Woods near Bodmin PL30 4AL

Distance: This is about a 1.5 miles (30 mins).


This trail in the beautiful Cardinham Woods which is run by the Forestry Commission is accessible to wheelchairs and you can buy a kids activity pack to keep the little ones occupied as you follow the path.


Start at the car park near the Woods Cafe and follow the signs to the Lady Vale trail. Follow the path upstream with the stream to your right until you come to Lady Vale Bridge which takes its name from the Chapel of Our Lady which stood beside the river during the 12th Century. Cross the trail and follow the path back downstream. You will soon come to a lane leading back to the main car park and cafe.


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Also see our information page for the Woods Cafe here



St Michael's Mount seen from Marazion, Cornwall


Penzance to Marazion seafront walk


Where to park: Harbour Long stay car park, Penzance (just beyond Penzance station) TR18 2JX

Distance: This is about a 2.5 miles, (45 mins to one hour).


If you’d love to enjoy sea views over the iconic St Michael’s Mount, this wonderful walkway along the seafront from Penzance to Marazion is a beautiful path to try.

Park at the main Harbour car park in Penzance just beyond the station car park (this gets very busy!) and head through the station car park to the footway which is inland of the sea wall, heading east towards St Michael’s Mount.

Continue along this path, enjoying views over Mounts Bay. After a short distance you will come to Longrocks beach which is dog friendly all year. Be aware there are dog bans on Marazion beach, further east and near the Mount from 10am to 6pm in July and August. 

Eventually, you will pass the car parks behind Marazion beach and eventually to Marazion and the causeway linking St Michael’s Mount to the mainland when the tide is low.

At the end of the causeway, looking over the Mount is the Godolphin Arms which has accessible areas  and accessible toilets.


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