Mobility / Wheelchair Support

The grounds have a selection of wide paths, many of which are wheelchair accessible.

The café has level access, low surfaces, moveable chairs, and very friendly assistants!  The food is also varied, and delicious.  The gift shop has reasonably wide pathways, but occasional baskets of goods jutting into the walkways.

If you pay to enter the gardens and house, you can borrow one of 2 simple manual wheelchairs, or a small battery-operated chair, or, if you book in advance, you can borrow the larger electric buggy, for a 1½ hour slot.  This one is capable of climbing some of the steeper paths in the gardens, which are not recommended for the others, but clear route-ways are marked on the maps that are given out with the chairs.  You will be asked to sign a couple of forms, regarding liability, etc, but there is no charge.

There is a manual wheelchair available in the house, so you can swap at the door (they prefer you to keep muddy wheels outside, which is understandable), and all the house which is currently accessible to the public is on the ground floor, so there are no stairs to negotiate for anyone.

In addition to the house and grounds, there are six holiday cottages in the grounds.  Some of these are single storey, and have notes in the booking details regarding accessibility features.  The Engine House states it is suitable for occasional wheelchair users, and ambulant disabled.  Full accessibility statements for all the cottages are available from the Estate Office.

Vision Impairment Support

When the house is open, visitors with sight loss are invited to contact the staff there in advance, to receive a Word document describing the exhibits, which you can print out at home, at a size to suit your needs, on appropriate coloured paper if you require it.

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