Mobility / Wheelchair Support

There is level access to the restaurant from the car park and the seating is well-spaced and all on one level.  The entrance is also easily wide enough for wheelchair access.

There is an accessible toilet with a handrail and space to turn a wheelchair although it is worth noting this is the men's toilet as the sign showing it is an accessible toilet is not easy to see.

Vision Impairment Support

An online menu is available for those who would find it useful to view ahead of a visit or to use screen reader or audio technology.  The look and presentation of the restaurant is neutral and the restaurant is well-lit. The tables and chairs are all in one dining space, and all customers are hosted on arrival.

Hearing Impairment Support

This space can be loud due to the acoustics and the fact that there is an open kitchen. There are no hearing loops available, but given that the process of ordering food and drinks can be made through the use of menus the experience can be done online and the staff are very helpful.

Autism support

It is worth calling the restaurant ahead of your visit if you have concerns. Everyone is welcome and they cater for all, but be wary that there are no indoor quiet spaces.

Learning Support

There are friendly staff who can help with ordering and any particular requests.

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