Mobility / Wheelchair Support

There is good level access from the parking area to the restaurant and the parking area is close to the entrance. The interior is spacious with wooden floors and good access to tables and to the terraced area overlooking the beach.There is an accessible toilet inside the restaurant (the men's please see note on toilet). There is ramped access to the beach from beside the restaurant. The chairs can be a bit hard for those with hip issues etc so you may want to bring a cushion.

Vision Impairment Support

There is good lighting and good level access. Menus are available online so they can be read via screenreader software

Hearing Impairment Support

The restaurant can be quite noisy due to the acoustics, so choosing a quieter time or an area away from teh window which tends to be more popular may help.

Learning Support

The menu is available online so can be read out via screen reader software.

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