Mobility / Wheelchair Support

Sara’s Cottage is rated at Mobility Level 2 (M2) by Visit England under the National Accessible Scheme. M2 is suitable for a person who is a part-time wheelchair user.
The cottage is also suitable for a person at Mobility Level 1 – Older and less mobile.

There is extensive equipment available for hire, and a very detailed accessibility statement on their website showing heights, distances, steps (in the garden only), lighting, and much more. There are also extensive suggestions for days out that are wheelchair friendly, and places to hire additional equipment, and a link to apply for a temporary Blue Badge if you are not from Cornwall.

Vision Impairment Support

There is an assortment of adaptations made to help people with a visual impairment, including high-contrast handles on doors and furniture, a movement-sensitive light in the wetroom, no steps in the cottage, and the garden steps and patio edge highlighted in yellow.

A guide dog is more than welcome.

Doormats can be removed upon request.

All the cottage information is provided in large print, on a yellow background, along with the fire safety information


There are coloured drinking glasses, and specific equipment is available on request, such as

  • RNIB liquid level indicator
  • back lit magnifying glass
  • Dycem yellow non slip cup holder and mat
  • Bumpons
  • Lightswitches can be highlighed in dayglo tape or Bumpons
Hearing Impairment Support
  • The televisions have subtitles
  • There is a Geermarc LoopHear portable induction loop available
  • There are eight ceiling tilting spotlights in the kitchen area to enable lip reading
  • A hearing or assistance dog is more than welcome
  • There is a Geofire Agrippa Acoustic Digital Pillow alarm available which includes a flashing alarm
  • Holidays can be booked on-line or via the post
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