Mobility / Wheelchair Support

We do not have any ground floor bedrooms and access from reception, bar and lounges to the lift means negotiating eight steps our staff are happy to assist.  There is level access from the Golf Bar to the lift and up to bedrooms.

Hotel Accommodation
We have a specifically designed disabled bedroom which is easily accessible from the lift. All switches and sockets are approximately 900mm above the floor for ease of reach. The bathroom includes a walk-in shower with seat. The room contains two emergency cords which are linked to Reception. We try to keep this room available for as long as possible for guests with special needs, however, we cannot always guarantee its availability.

Dining in the Hotel 
The restaurant is on 2 levels. To access the main dining room from the bar and lounges you need to descend 6 steps. Staff are available to assist. Again, staff are able to assist where required.

Grounds, Gardens and Golf Course
The hotel grounds are beautiful and most of it can be accessed on paths, which are passable both on foot and by buggy.  We are always delighted to put one of our electric buggies with driver at the disposal of guests to help them explore the foreshore and other parts of our 65 acre estate at a pre-arranged time.

Swimming Pool
Our swimming pool has 2 different access points. Firstly, it can be accessed from the main lounges, through the Health Spa and there are 9 steps to descend. Secondly, from the outside through our Members Entrance Door, where there are an additional 2 steps to ascend. Staff are happy to assist wherever necessary, including helping enter the pool itself if required.

Vision Impairment Support

Evening menus can be provided in a larger font.

Check-in can be aided with the use of a clipboard or magnifying glass if required. We can enlarge the registration form

This Guest Directory is available in a large font

Hearing Impairment Support

Reception desk has an induction loop to aid those with hearing difficulties.

For any guests with hearing difficulties, the hotel has one Vibrating Fire Alarm System available. Please ask at Reception

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