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The Access Cornwall team


Access Cornwall is an online (and soon to be printed) resource that provides information that is helpful for people with disabilities and learning differences about fun things to do around Cornwall.

Our reviewers go out and try cafes, days out, hotels, gardens, leisure activities and other places to visit around Cornwall.

The idea is to gather information to help people with disabilities or health conditions such as vision and hearing impairment, mobility and learning disabilities and neurodiversity to find the best places to eat, visit and stay in Cornwall. 

You can see our website at www.accesscornwall.org.uk

We’re currently looking for more reviewers, particularly from the West of Cornwall (Helston, Penzance, St Ives, West Penwith) and South East Cornwall in St Austell, Saltash, Liskeard, Bugle, St Dennis, Par, St Blazey and Looe). Reviewers from funded areas will be trained to carry out access reviews and receive expenses towards the visits they carry out during training.

So if you reviewed a restaurant or pub, for example, you would receive £50 towards travel, dinner and drinks.

Half of reviewers will continue into paid work, either with us or with organisations we connect you with during your training.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How can I get to be a reviewer?


  • We have a small budget for volunteer reviewers around Cornwall, and we are currently working our way through the waiting list, so please let us know if you would like to join us.


  • We also have a budget to offer one-to-one training in review work, digital and creative skills for people who are not in paid work and who live in particular postcodes in West Cornwall and South East Cornwall.


Depending on which category you fit into, we’ll have an initial chat to find out more about you (and so you can see if it’s a role you would enjoy)  and then we enroll you on the programme via a short face-to-face or online video meeting.


Where will the training take place?


If you are a volunteer on our wider programme you have a face-to-face or online meeting and we will offer you a short training programme based on your abilities and interests. Please note there is a waiting list as we contact the individuals who have expressed interest.


If you happen to match the criteria for ESF funding (over 18, not in paid work, postcode matches our funded area) and are accepted onto our funded ESF training programme, you can do most of the training and tasks involved from a computer either at home, via zoom or online training, or our trainer may meet you at a nearby cafe or public place where you feel comfortable, and where you can sit quietly and access Wi-Fi. Some of those who do this training may be asked to come along with an Access Cornwall staff member to a visitor attraction or restaurant so they can visit and write a review about the venue with a friend, family member or support worker.


When will the training take place?

Training will end by March 2023. Applications will close at the end of January 2023 but spaces are limited and they will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


How long does the training go on for?

If you have signed up to our ESF training, you will receive 12 hours of training, set at a pace to suit you and we then support you into paid work if you want it, volunteer work or further education, it’s your choice.

If you have signed up as a volunteer you will have an enrolment session and then one or two training sessions for volunteer reviews.


How frequent are the training sessions?

ESF training sessions will be once every week to two weeks ideally. We are very flexible about this, and if you are unwell or need a break we aim to work with you to ensure you can access the training when you feel ready. At each session we will set some tasks for you to complete and to send or share with us so we can look over what you have done and send you some feedback at the start of the next training session. The work we set will be tailored to meet your needs and agreed with you during the initial two week training stage. Some people, for example like to focus on writing, others on digital skills, or photography, for example.


Is the work paid?

The work is not paid for the training stage, but 50% of trainees will move into paid work. During this time, you will receive regular training and the opportunity to build your skills, work references and to produce work and gain references that will help you to get a job or to be admitted to a further education course that you would like to do. 

We do have some paid staff positions or freelance opportunities available from time to time and these opportunities are open to our volunteers, some of whom have progressed now to paid work with us here at Access Cornwall.


What benefits will I gain?

  • We will offer hands-on skills training in a real business that is tailored to suit your skills and interests. 
  • You will get to see your work being put to use to help individuals who live with disabilities and learning differences 
  • You will get to know people who can help and support you into finding paid work or a further education course you would like to do. 
  • You will be able to get references for jobs and further education courses
  • You will gain experience to put onto your CV
  • This training programme is our main recruitment pathway for Access Cornwall reviewers.
  • It’s fun, you get training to be one of our reviewers who eat out at restaurants, visit attractions and stay at beautiful accommodation for free and share their findings with others.


What will happen if I’m unwell or cannot continue?


If you should need to take time off, we can be flexible and you can get back in touch with us to carry on at any point but we would need to finish your training by March 2023.


If you decide you cannot continue for any reason, that’s also fine. We’ll need you to sign some paperwork and if we can help in the future, you can get in touch with us.


Who will be training me?

We have three training officers who will be delivering the training to you, Viki Carpenter, Andrew Mercer and Emma Grigson. Emma, Andrew and Viki have a lot of experience in working with individuals to support them into employment We also have some specialist training consultants who are volunteering their time and help, depending on the needs of the person who is in the work placement. 


What will the training involve?

The basic training will cover a selection of these topics: 

Learning more about Access Cornwall

A skills and interests questionnaire to find out more about you


Then a selection of these topics depending on your skills and interests:

  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Digital skills (how to use a computer, have video meetings etc.)
  • How to edit a WordPress website
  • Finding, choosing and editing photographs for a website
  • Creating posts and content for social media
  • Creating graphics on Canva
  • Sales training
  • Search Engine Optimization (the basics)
  • Contacting businesses — good communication skills (this can be via email or telephone)
  • Business finance (the basics)

We aim to find out what you enjoy doing and what you are good at and during training, we will work with you to create a role where you are doing the tasks that you want to learn more about and that you are enjoying. For example, you might have a role writing blogs and articles and sharing them on social media. Or, if you are more interested in web design, you might have a role editing the website and making sure that it is working properly for people who need to use it. If you enjoy helping others, you may have a role supporting some of our volunteers. We will work with you and people supporting you, if that is helpful, to create a work placement that gives you a taste of what it might be like to have a particular kind of job.

What happens at the end of the training?


We are looking for some people to take on paid employment, however, we cannot take on all our work placements as paid staff. If we aren’t able to offer you a paid job, we’ll do our best to help you to find one, or help you to find a good further education course or a voluntary position if you prefer that. You can use the work you have done with us on your CV, in a portfolio if that is relevant and also we can provide you with references.


Want to sign up? Email us at hello@accesscornwall.org.uk or fill out the online form here:

Apply to be an Access Cornwall reviewer





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