Review: Gangsta Granny at The Hall for Cornwall

Our reviewer Eddie Callis went along to The Hall for Cornwall to watch the theatre production of the David Walliams book Gangsta Granny….


Eddie Callis (right) with the customer support staff from the Hall for Cornwall


“I really enjoyed the performance as I’m a huge David Walliams fan, I also enjoyed doing the review at this venue, the access is really good for people with disabilities and is a great venue.


The performance was very funny and great entertainment for kids.


I have read the book before seeing this performance and I think they did a really great reenactment of the story. The sets were beautiful and I think they did a great job making these.


The performance could still be heard over the loud kids which was good but personally I wished I had taken my ear defenders as sometimes the kids laughing and shouting was very loud!


I feel that Hall for Cornwall has thought of everything for people with disabilities, I like the ramps giving wheelchair access and what I found most amazing was they have an outside showing on a screen for people who feel the inside is too loud or too much for them so you can step away from the noise and lights and still be able to see the show.


Another great accessibility feature they have is the audio description which can help those who are visually impaired when using the bathroom. The audio description explains where everything is, for example, it explained where the door lock is and where the toilet roll is.


A photo of the accessible bathroom at the Hall for Cornwall which has an audio guide for those who are visually impaired


Whilst watching the show we were placed closer to the entrance away from lots of the kids screaming which I liked as I wouldn’t have enjoyed being in the middle of lots of kids. The Hall for Cornwall team were also really helpful and keen to talk to me about accessibility and how the team can make the experience at The Hall for Cornwall more inclusive for everyone.


They are still making improvements and have plans soon to have quieter performances Overall accessibility was amazing and the show was fantastic too. I’d definitely recommend this as a great place to go and a great show to watch.


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