Introducing Eddie!

We’re delighted to introduce you to our latest Access Cornwall reviewer Eddie. Here Eddie shares a little bit about himself and you can see his listing about The Cornish Bank in Falmouth online very soon…

My name is Edward Minnion Callis but everyone knows me as Eddie.

I’m a young man in my late twenties on the Autism spectrum and I have a learning disability as well.

I love anything creative, and I do lots of different fitness activities, like walking, swimming or going to the gym. I play basketball, and really love hanging out with my friends and having a social life.

I live in Penzance, in Cornwall, in supported living accommodation.



I am an artist, selling my paintings and ceramics, which you can see on my Facebook page and at my studio at Krowji in Redruth. If you want to buy something, or commission something, please let me know!



I am also a singer/songwriter, and love to play the harmonica from time to time. I perform with my band, the Travelling Time-Wasters. My website describes our music: We play original upbeat alternatives and eclectic songs with vocals, harmonicas, bass and guitars fusing into a hypnotic rhythm.  We promote an awareness of Autism.


Eddie with his band the Travelling Time Wasters


I also write and perform with fellow musician Kyle Coleman, who is also autistic. Our project is called AUT2, and we co-write/perform songs for Shallal Dance Theatre. I also perform for Moogie Wonderland, A Cornwall based music and visual arts organisation putting on events, creating projects and blogging about music and art.


Eddie performing at Moogie Wonderland at The Cornish Bank in Falmouth



When I paint or play music I use my art and music to express my emotions and feelings.


You can see more on my website and find my contact details.


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