Discover accessible cycling at the Cornwall Bicycle Project CIC

The Cornwall Bicycle Project CIC– Community cycling for everyone. Profits from our activities provide cycling equipment and cycling opportunities to all, with a particular focus on reaching those from disadvantaged backgrounds in Cornwall.

Holly is in the centre of the photo, cruising down a running track on a 3 wheel bike with a lady to her left and a man to her right

Holly visited the Cornwall Bicycle Projects Limitless Festival at Par Athletics Track with her PA’s on 18th May. It was advertised on their FB page and it looked like fun. 

They offered the chance to try their adapted cycles, an opportunity to meet and chat to the coaches, skill sessions and fun activities. The day didn’t disappoint! 

We’d booked a time slot for late morning to have a 1:1 session with one of the coaches. They’d asked for a few details before arriving to make sure they had something for Holly to try. Holly is a wheelchair user following a head injury 3 years ago and she has reduced mobility and dystonia. She can manage standing and chair to chair transfers with help but it was decided the recumbent bike was probably too low for her at this stage. 

She had the chance to ride a tracer trike which is a three wheeled bike with a supported seat. With a little help from her PA’s she took to it like a duck to water! She has used an exercise bike before but it’s been over three years since she’s propelled herself along a track. Now she won’t be winning any speed trials but she did manage to cycle approx 450m. 

Photo of Holly posing for the camera. She is wearing a blue top and a black hat with pineapples on ... which is REALLY cool Holly stayed for a bit of lunch at the onsight cafe and had a great time watching the other cyclists. 

The website (Cycling | The Cornwall Bicycle Project Cic | England) has an easy to find section about Accessible Cycling and Booking which has a really helpful FAQ section including important information such as quiet areas, accessible parking and other useful information. 

They host regular adapted cycling sessions every Wednesday with bookable time slots and a whole host of different bikes to use. 

I couldnt find them any more helpful whenbooking and contacting them. They are a small club so dont have every single bike in every single size but they have a really good range and will try their best to find a good fit.

If we lived closer we’d be there every week! 

Thank you for hosting such a brilliant event. We will definitely be back to break Holly’s Personal Best!

For more information visit:

Cycling | The Cornwall Bicycle Project Cic | England


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