Making Cornwall accessible for all...

We’re dedicated to helping Cornish organisations and venues welcome everyone. We’re not just here to help wheelchair users, although we do that! We help families who want to plan a great day out for their autistic children, parents pushing buggies, people who have vision or hearing loss, and older people who want to enjoy the beauty and culture of Cornwall.

You donation will make a huge difference!

If you live with a disability, if you’re a carer, or even if you’re just a little bit older or have young kids, finding places to enjoy time with family and friends can be hard.
Life can get very lonely. 
Here’s how you can help everyone to enjoy Cornwall.
People with down syndrom caring for each other and happy together
Access Cornwall reviewer Nick Carr explores the PK Porthcurno Museum of Global Communications. Photo by Sam Breeze

£15 A new accessible adventure

£15 supports us to add a new museum, cafe or other venue to our map, allowing people with disabilities to visit and supporting small Cornish charities and businesses.

Viki at Access Cornwall wearing a black hoodie with the Access Cornwall name standings looking into a tunnel of golden lights at the Tunnel of lights Charlestown Shipwreck Museum, St Austell

£275 A new accessibility reviewer

For £275 supports someone with lived experience of disability to become an Access Cornwall reviewer, working to make their local community more accessible for all.

A young child enjoying a watersports session with WaveHunters

£45 Run an accessible outdoor activity

£45 supports us to run an outdoor accessibility session to help kids who might never have dreamed of surfing, sailing or enjoying the coast path to have an amazing adventure

Looe Guildhall accessible display, with push-buttons for different things, and a video display. Person in a wheelchair looking at the display.

£675 A new life for someone in dark times

Some of the people we support to get out and do our reviews have been through very difficult challenges. These funds help us in our longer mentoring work to support people with disabilities and mental health challenges to gain new confidence, new skills and a new life.

As one new reviewer, told us in our second month of support: "You might think that this is a really small thing you're doing, but it's not, it's huge, it's opened my world up again. I can finally go out of the house alone and take my kids out to beaches and woods."