What services do we offer?

Here at Access Cornwall, we offer a variety of services which you can see below.

Accessibility Feedback Reports

Our trained reviewers can visit your venue and offer a private and helpful feedback report on what you are doing really well and what might be helpful and practical things to improve...

Accessibility Statements & Listings

You can have a listing on our site with your accessibility information, donate what you can. We will help you put it together and it can be used as your Accessibility Guidance for visitors...

Accessibility Maps & Guides

We can also produce Town and Service guides, such as our Accessible Guide to Looe.  Our team of local accessibility ambassadors will visit the area and we will produce a professionally designed guide...

Accessibility Training

If you are interested in training to help your staff work with or offer good quality customer service to clients who have Special Educational Needs, neurodiversity or disabilities... 

Would you like to donate to Access Cornwall?

We’re dedicated to helping Cornish organisations and venues welcome everyone. 

People with down syndrom caring for each other and happy together
This project is funded by the European Social Fund
Funded by the European Social Fund